FM6Environnement launches the 4th edition of the #b7arblaplastic operation

FM6Environnement launches the 4th edition of the #b7arblaplastic operation

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, chaired by Lalla Hasnaa, is launching the fourth edition of its #b7arblaplastic operation throughout the 2023 summer season until September 15.

This operation to raise awareness of ocean pollution is part of the 24th season of Clean Beaches, the Foundation’s flagship program which concerns 109 beaches this year, 27 of which are labeled Blue Flag, specifies a press release from the Foundation.

To offer summer visitors a clean, equipped, secure and lively space, it is emphasized, these beaches will be supported by the Foundation, the General Directorate of Territorial Communities, and, for 67 of them, by 26 economic partners who provide a supplement material and human resources.

Resolutely committed to this fight, the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment has joined the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development, the first of its ten challenges of which is to understand and fight against marine pollution. .

The B7arblaplastic operation, recalls the Foundation, was registered as an activity of this Decade and received the award for best practice of Blue Flag beaches in the world.

Its flagship action remains the #b7arblaplastic operation, which has increased the challenges of the previous year for 2023: reducing plastic waste by at least 10 tonnes for each beach, carrying out at least 40,000 environmental awareness actions, educate about two million young people and recycle all the plastic waste collected.

To build this ambitious operation, the Foundation organized a workshop on May 18, 2023 where all of its economic partners and the coastal municipalities participated in the co-construction of its roadmap, its coordination and the mobilization of all the actors. which will contribute to its success.

Awareness-raising activities will be organized for students in Eco-Schools programs, young reporters for the environment and their supervisors, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports.

These activities will be coordinated with around 20 professional diving associations which will carry out seabed cleaning operations at 24 beaches, serving as a basis for awareness-raising workshops and recycling exhibitions of recycled suspended nets, according to the same source.

The #b7arblaplastic operation will also raise awareness among the children of the summer camps of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication and will mobilize the National Federation of Moroccan Scouting, in addition to the installation of libraries on some beaches, notes the press release.

Thus, to better reach young people who are the priority target, #b7arblaplastic will make massive use of digital channels, using social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and its Anaboundif application.

Alongside #b7arblaplastic, a major awareness-raising operation of the Clean Beaches program, the Foundation, the municipalities, the economic partners and the ministries concerned will work, as they have been doing for 24 years, to allow Moroccans to enjoy the sea and from the ocean in clean, equipped, supervised, secure and lively spaces.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the year, the Foundation has multiplied awareness-raising actions, particularly for young people. It raised awareness through its academic arm, the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training, the children of the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters of the Environment programs on World Environment Day (June 5), World Environment Day of the oceans (June 8) and the International Publishing and Book Fair. It also raised awareness among a wider target group, by organizing three international conferences in early June (Solutions for Plastic Pollution, Mediterranean Plastic Tides and African Ocean Decade Roadmap).

Beaches and their economic partners will mobilize with #b7arblaplastic to eliminate plastic pollution from beaches, a global problem that has become pressing. Plastic pollution has become so important that 157 countries are currently working to enact an international treaty by 2024 that will be an exceptional and legally binding event.


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