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Five-year 2021/26: The government targets an average growth of 4%

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, on Monday declined the main lines of the government program for the five-year period 2021/26 It emerges that the Executive foresees the increase in the pace of national economic growth to an average of 4% during its mandate.

To do this, Akhannouch said during a plenary session held by the two Chambers of Parliament, intends to put in place a series of immediate and concrete measures offering opportunities for all, in particular young people, within the framework of the continuing to revive the national economy and mitigate the effects of the health crisis on employment.

The government’s recovery plan, which meets the needs of citizens and helps put an end to the difficulties faced by economic players, includes innovative employment programs and provides support for initiatives, in addition to funding and support for national companies. Likewise, the new government considers, in this program, that the transformation of the national economy is a fundamental condition for achieving strong growth, capable of creating decent and productive employment.

In this regard, he insisted on the importance of transversal structural reforms which strengthen the competitiveness of the Moroccan economy, as well as the completion of projects linked to the support of the pillars of the social state, economic recovery and the execution of sectoral policies.

Improving the competitiveness of the national economy is one of the main objectives of economic transformation, the success of which also depends on the simplification and clarification of the rules governing economic activity.

The clarification of the legislative framework and the improvement of the quality of the business environment, in particular through the acceleration of the process of adoption of the Investment Charter, are also real pillars to ensure the effectiveness of this plan. economic transformation, which consists of developing a diversified and innovative economy, investing in skills to meet the needs of businesses and accelerating the digital transition, according to the government.

He also stressed that these policies will serve a solid national economy integrated into the global value chain, as well as a lever to support local production capable of developing a high quality “Made in Morocco” label.




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