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Five Moroccan companies in the “top 29”

Five Moroccan companies are in the top 29 of the best employers in Africa for the year 2022, announced the organization “Best Places To Work”. “The ‘Best Places to Work’ organization recently announced the list of the top twenty-nine best performing employers in Africa for the year 2022. The certification program recently established the annual list based on the assessment of over of 500 organizations operating across the continent,” the organization said in a statement.

This certification is a guarantee of well-being at work and constitutes the highest level of recognition of the quality of a company’s working environment, specifies the same source. This year’s results indicated that top performing organizations in Africa continued to invest in employee engagement, with an average engagement score of 83%, compared to a continental average of 71%. These organizations distinguish themselves by creating inspiring environments that foster organizational agility, by developing engaging leaders and by demonstrating exceptional people practices and excellence in working conditions.

This year’s analyzes have shown that with the current challenges related to talent retention in Africa, employees who do not see good career opportunities or initiative to promote well-being within the organization, are three times more likely to quit.

At the top of this year’s ranking is Novo Nordisk, a company that operates in the pharmaceutical sector, followed by Dell, the American technology company that operates in different countries in Africa. The Vipp Interstis Group, a leading service provider in customer relations, came third, followed by Webhelp, a leader in customer relations and business process outsourcing, which came in fourth, then Nestlé , one of the major players in the food industry. To be considered for the list, companies must be identified as one of the employers of choice in at least one of the countries of the continent.

The ranking was determined on the basis of an anonymous survey of employees and an assessment of the HR practices deployed within the organisations. The list of Top 29 Employers includes:

1. Novo Nordisk


3. Vipp Interstis Group

4. Webhelp


6. Safran Group

7. Hilti

8. Rock



11.Schneider Electric

12. Glucode

13. Oulmès Mineral Waters

14. Zitouna Takaful

15. Parkville Pharmaceutical

16. Asma Invest

17. eHealth Africa

18. Zoetis

19. Astra Zeneca

20.Pharma 5

21. Banque Populaire du Maroc Group

22. Jamjoom Pharma

23. EcoBank

24. Magrabi

25. Ooredoo

26.IHS Towers

27. Alsa

28. CDG Capital

29. Elezaby pharmacy

Each year, the program assesses the quality of working life of several companies in Africa using a rigorous and transparent methodology. First, an HR assessment compiling all managerial practices in the service of well-being at work and a second anonymous assessment addressed to employees around 8 themes including company culture, management leadership, opportunities for learning and HR practices.

Best Places To Work is an international certification program that rewards the best employers in different countries. The assessment is based on the analysis of a company’s attractiveness through a two-step process focused on 8 dimensions around company culture, management leadership, learning opportunities and HR practices. .



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