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Fisheries exports up 16% in 2022

Having made a visit to the 7 poles of the show which cover the entire fisheries value chain, namely the institutional pole, the international pole, the valorization & process pole, the fleet & gear pole, the innovation pole, the sustainable development pole and the entertainment center, the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, told the press that the Halieutis Fair contributes to the dynamics experienced by the maritime fishing sector, despite the effects caused by Covid-19, noting that the exports made by this sector in 2022 reached more than 28 billion dirhams, an increase of 16%.

The Chief Executive also estimated that the results of the maritime fishing sector over the coming year ” will be better“, noting that the Halieutis Show reflects the dynamism shown by the sector and the efforts made by the various players, in particular suppliers, professionals, recovery companies, before emphasizing that the maritime activity chain “ works positively“.

Also, Aziz Akhannouch insisted that all workers in the maritime fishing sector, including young sailors, are covered by social protection, including compulsory health coverage (AMO).

For his part, Mohammed Sadiki, Minister of Agriculture, indicated that the Fair, which comes after a stoppage due to the spread of Covid-19, is an opportunity to highlight the latest innovations in scientific research and mechanisms for maritime control and safety, as well as the means of enhancing the value of sea products and strengthening South-South cooperation and the exchange of expertise in the field of maritime fishing.

The organization of this major meeting reflects the importance of the fisheries sector in the national economic fabric, indicate the organizers, noting that the national fisheries production totaled a volume of 1.55 million tons in 2022, thus placing Morocco ranked first among African producers and 14th globally.

The national production as well as the total exports of maritime fishing products recorded in 2022 an increase of 10% and 13% respectively compared to the year 2021, and this despite the decision taken by the ministry for the cancellation of the summer fishing campaign for the south Boujdour octopus fishery and the application in this area of ​​a biological rest period of more than 8 months. This decision was taken to allow the recovery of this stock, the biomass of which has experienced a significant decline.

The 6th edition of the Salon Halieutis, which also focuses on preparing the next generation of scientists, ocean leaders and future professions to support the blue economy of the future, will thus see the signing of several agreements between Morocco and a number of African countries, with the aim of implementing the South-South cooperation strategy in the field of maritime fisheries.



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