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First congress in Morocco and Africa around the 5G ecosystem

The very first Moroccan and African congress on the 5G ecosystem, 5G Event Morocco 22 (5GEM), is of immense interest to national and international companies and entrepreneurs. This interest stems, in particular, from the participation of Moroccan, French and African officials who will enrich the workshops with their experience and expertise, and will offer intelligent solutions from the technologies of tomorrow at the service of many industrial, social and technical sectors. The event will take place on December 7 and 8 in Rabat.

In a press release, the organizers explain that the Moroccan and African congress on the 5G ecosystem has a dual objective, namely to contribute to the development of the business climate relating to the 5G ecosystem by presenting innovative business models and by bringing vertical expertise to companies in the 5G ecosystem and promote a proactive vision in training plans to develop Moroccan skills in the field of advanced technologies.

Among the big names present at the 5GEM22 congress in Rabat are Philippe Herbert, President Mission 5G Industrielle at the Ministry in charge of digital in France, Michel Combot, Director General of the French Federation of Telecoms, Dr. Muneer Zuhdi, Director of Cities and Cognitive Industries to Nokia (MEA Region) and other experts in the field.

For two consecutive days, these international experts will have the opportunity to debate the role of 5G technology in the development of smart industries, also known as the fourth revolution, offer new horizons for the governance of industrial management, discuss the advantages of the virtual world in the management of marketing and financial operations without neglecting the important role of 5G technology in the development of the automotive industry.

The congress will also welcome great Moroccan personalities from the world of business, technology, entrepreneurship and health. They are Mr. Moncef Benchekroun Morocco Director of the global telecommunications solution provider NOKIA, Dr. Bouthayna Iraqui, CEO of the LOCAMED Group and President of the CGEM in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region, or even Pr. Saïd Oulbacha, Professor in Surgery and Dr. Salma Elatmani, resuscitator anesthetist who will use their experiences and scientific skills to dissect the advantages of 5G and digital technology in the health sector.

On the other hand, Hassan Nadir, CEO of Compagnie Marocaine des Energies and Vice-President of CGEM in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region, will explain how the renewable energy sector benefits from vertical expertise and the 5G ecosystem.

Through all the scientific, technological and economic content that will be discussed there, the congress will, according to the organizers, make it possible to formulate recommendations associated with the regulations governing this promising field which requires the involvement of many actors in the field of communications and the innovative approach of different countries.

The presence of an important set of national and international players at the congress will allow companies and manufacturers to own their own 5G networks, allowing to provide promising new opportunities for growth for individuals, companies and companies and promising a real leap forward. globally in the years to come.



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