Fires down to 431 from 441

Fires down to 431 from 441

The number of wildfires in Canada fell slightly from 441 to 431 in 9 provinces and 2 territories. However, the fires continue to consume the forests.

Europe has promised to send nearly 300 firefighters to help Canada, the first contingent of which has arrived in Quebec.

Since Wednesday, 10 fires have been brought under control and even uncontrolled fires have seen their number drop from 256 to 234.

The impact of the fires in Canada is also being seriously felt in its American neighbour.

In a large part of the Northeastern United States, more than 111 million people were affected by air quality alerts.

In New York, emergency room visits related to asthma attacks are on the rise, a spokesperson for the city’s health department said.

He nevertheless assured that these “a few hundred” patients do not overflow the services.

In addition, at New York airports (LaGuardia, Newark) or Philadelphia, flights suffered delays due to low visibility, the Civil Aviation Agency said. In the capital Washington, the situation has worsened compared to Wednesday. The air pollution alert went to “purple” for a while, before being downgraded to “red” at the end of the afternoon.


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