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Fires declared at three forests in Larache

Fires broke out on Monday in the forest of “Bouhachem Jbel El Alem” in the municipalities of Tazourt and Beni Aârouss, the forest “Menzla” in the municipality of Sahel, as well as near the douar “Rmel” in the municipality of Zaâroura, we learn from the local authorities of the province of Larache.

To deal with these fires, intervention teams made up of members of the Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces, the water and forest services and the local authorities, as well as members of the National Mutual Aid and volunteers from the local population, were mobilized, supported by fire engines, tank trucks, ambulances, transport vehicles and four “Canadair” water bombers, according to the same sources.

The first efforts of the intervention teams were oriented to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the douars bordering the fires, it was added, specifying that 500 families were moved from their homes in a preventive manner to avoid any risk. possible.

These are the inhabitants of 10 douars affected by the fire in the “Bouhachem Jbel El Alam” forest and 36 families from the “Rmel” douar.

Two women, who did not want to respond to calls from local authorities and public forces to evacuate the houses threatened by fire, were killed by asphyxiation.

The intervention teams have so far managed to contain the fire recorded at the level of the “Menzla” forest where nearly 30 hectares of forest cover have been ravaged, while 90% of the fire declared near douar “Rmel” in the municipality of Zaâroura were circumscribed. Efforts are still continuing to control four fires in the municipalities of Tazourt and Beni Aârouss.




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