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FIFA praises the FRMF

FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Vision 2020/23 aims to produce a quota of 50 national teams and 50 clubs capable of mingling in the fight for major world titles. While competitions remain the engines of development, FIFA’s Talent Development Scheme (TDS) aims to strengthen the management of the talent pathway, from first contact with football through to the senior categories.

As such, a FIFA Talent Development Program (TDS) workshop was held recently in Morocco. Three essential elements were highlighted by the president of the FRMF: infrastructure, talent, supervision.

Initiated and launched in February 2020 by Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s Director of World Football Development, this initiative is part of a series of projects aimed at improving the competitiveness of world football. As such, FIFA offers tailor-made assistance to member associations to fully exploit their potential. This project is part of the reduction of disparities between the different regions of the world. At the same time, member associations will be able to forge relationships with the main players in the field and take their share of responsibility in the construction and evolution of the talent development ecosystem.

It was in Morocco, a country passionate about football, that FIFA held a Talent Development Program workshop last June. More than 50 development experts and regional technical advisers gathered at the Mohamed VI Football Complex to continue discussing talent development strategies, sharing best practices around the world, and preparing support from FIFA member associations in the best possible way. possible way.

The choice of the Kingdom was not trivial. With five appearances at the FIFA World Cup, a sixth to come at Qatar 2022, clubs that shine domestically and continentally, and players who are solid in defence, creative in the middle and elegant in attack during his history, it is an understatement to say that Morocco is a land of talent and hospitality.

Fifa in an article published this week, pays tribute to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) which spares no effort. As President Fouzi Lekjaa recalled during his opening speech at the seminar. ” The development of football in Morocco is based on a triangular logic which constitutes the basis for the development of any system: infrastructure, talent and management. “, explained the Moroccan leader. ” With my colleagues from the federation, we are convinced that if we do not have these three fundamentals, the process will be hampered and handicapped in its evolution. “. From there to put words into action, the FRMF had only one step to take, and did it!

Talent Development: FIFA praises the FRMF

Initially, it focused on infrastructure, not only at the national level, culminating in the 2019 inauguration of the Mohamed VI Complex. These facilities extend over almost 30 hectares and offer state-of-the-art equipment, in accordance with FIFA standards, which make this jewel of Moroccan football one of the most important and efficient sports complexes on the planet. At the same time, the Moroccan authorities have also insisted on local infrastructures.

In the 12 regions of Morocco, we have a team piloting regional development, starting with the detection of talents, which must go through the training centers of the clubs. This is why we have made a huge effort to provide the clubs with training centres. The regional centers are the same centers as the national center, but in miniature “, detailed the President of the FRMF.

This is our conception of the development cycle, which begins with detection in grassroots football, and which must move through the clubs, towards the regional center, and the national center of excellence. “, continued Lekjaa.

The development of infrastructure is accompanied by a school component, to try to tighten the meshes of the net a little more and not miss any potential talent. ” We have started a Sport Etude program with the Ministry of National Education to have school structures throughout the Kingdom, which can accommodate boys and girls who practice football on a permanent basis with appropriate programming at all levels of schooling “, explains the President of the FRMF.

The talent is there, the infrastructure too. All that was needed were the right people to make the most of this potential. ” The development of football requires a sizeable professional framework confirms President Lekjaa.

To conclude: ” This is the link on which we are working, making a lot of effort, catching up, giving everyone the opportunity to improve their skills with the training courses led by the National Technical Department at amateur and professional level “.




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