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FGD Mohammedia calls for the reopening of La Samir

The local committee of the FGD in Mohammedia held its regular meeting this week, during which it took stock of the national and local situation, which is mainly characterized by the exorbitant prices of raw materials and fuels, in addition to the fall of the national reserve which threatens the food and energy security of our country.

The FGD-Mohammedia thus underlined that the drop in the national stock of hydrocarbons and basic products, observed since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, suggests an unprecedented social explosion.

The state’s continued intransigence in the face of voices calling for the reopening of the La Samir refinery, which supplied about 64% of Morocco’s hydrocarbon needs, was also discussed during this meeting, which did not fail to point out that the two bills related to the nationalization of La Samir and the price cap tabled in Parliament by the FGD deputy, Fatima Tamni, were blocked at government level, which refused to send them to Parliament.

The committee also expressed its rejection of restrictions on rights and freedoms. In this regard, he evokes the refusal by the city authorities to accept the legal file of Annahj Addimocrati and the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH), in addition to the restrictions on trade union freedoms linked to the dismissal of workers. .

According to the same source, there are also restrictions linked to the creation of trade union offices, ” as happened before with the trade union office of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) at the Casabella company“.

On the other hand, the FGD-Mohammedia referred to the deterioration of infrastructure and social services at the city level, in particular the state of the roads, education, health and others, calling in this sense, for the restart of the La Samir refinery in order to guarantee the energy security of Moroccans, while capping prices to protect purchasing power.

Likewise, the committee expressed its solidarity with the organizations that suffer from restrictions on their right to organise, in particular Annahj Addimocrati and the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) in Mohammedia as well as the workers affiliated to the Confederation Democratic Labor (CDT).

While inviting its militants, sympathizers as well as all the citizens to participate intensively in the sit-in that the Moroccan Social Front is to organize on Saturday in front of the La Samir refinery, the FGD also called on the working class and the inhabitants of Mohammedia, strongly impacted by soaring prices, to make Sunday May 1 an exceptional day of protest against the high cost of living and the continued disruption of production at La Samir Company.




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