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Festival Ciné-ville de Fès: The films “Nadira” and “La ficelle” winners of the Grand Prix

The Moroccan films “Nadira” (feature film) by its director Kamal Kamal and “La ficelle” (short film) by Ali Charaf, won, on Saturday evening, the grand prize of the 25th edition of the Ciné-festival. city ​​of Fez.

A total of nine short films and three feature films representing France, Egypt, Tunisia, Belgium, Lebanon, Greece and Palestine, in addition to Morocco, were in the running for the grand prize of this film festival. of the Idrissid city.

Chaired by the writer and poet Rachid El Moumni, the festival jury was made up of Moroccan director Abdellah Zerouali, Italian producer and director Claudio Atafi, journalist and writer Hamid Dadas as well as association actress Hakima Babach.

The closing ceremony of this festival, initiated from October 13 to 16 under the banner “The Moroccan city in the eyes of filmmakers”, was marked by a vibrant tribute to Italian director Enzo Monteleone.

Speaking on this occasion, the Italian filmmaker said he was happy by this tribute which was paid to him in a country to which he is specially attached, recalling that one of his first films was entitled “Marrakech express”. He also indicated that he had recently shot a film in Morocco, stressing that the experience was a real success on the technical and human levels.

For his part, the president of the Médi film creation-Morocco association and director of the Festival, Rachid Cheikh announced that the Tunisian directors Habib Mestiri and Italian Enzo Monteleone have been chosen as honorary presidents for the next edition of this cinematographic event. .

Ciné-ville Festival, organized by the Médi film création-Maroc association, in partnership with the municipality of Fez and the Moroccan Cinematographic Center, aims to promote the city of Fez as a filming space and to encourage professionals from the 7th arrondissement. foreign art to realize their works there.

The festival also aims to encourage cinematographic investment, through the construction of cultural complexes, studios and artistic and cultural spaces intended for the dissemination of cinema culture.




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