Featured design at the Villa des arts

The Al Mada-Villa des Arts Foundation lifted the veil, Friday evening in Rabat, on the exhibition “Chronicle of design, from artisanal experimentation to the finished product”, an opportunity to highlight, to the delight of enthusiasts, the different stages that design goes through.

This exceptional event, which continues until September 29, aims to shine the spotlight on the dazzling works of designers Amina Agueznay, Younes Duret and Sammy Bernoussi who invite everyone to discover their career creative and artistic.

With different backgrounds but linked by a common passion, that of object design with the creative reflection and artisanal experimentation that accompany it, the three artists are exhibiting their works for the first time at the Villa des arts in Rabat.

“This theme chosen by the Al Mada-Villa des Arts Foundation aims to shed light on design and its different stages, given its role in development”underlined Younes Duret.

In particular, he explained, this involves echoing the work of the craftsman, from the design stage to the completion of the final product, which is found in particular in the hotels, restaurants and major exhibitions.

Referring to “everyday Morocco” as his main source of inspiration, this industrial design engineer said he learned a lot from his time spent with craftsmen in Marrakech where he lives, as well as regular visits to the “medina” and ” Jamaâ El-fna”, and the beauty offered by the observation of these mythical places.

With a different source of inspiration, Sammy Bernoussi, who brings art and technique together, uses patterns shot and tested using computer software to give birth to the various objects on display.

“It’s about experimenting until you get to the finished product, something that fits into the theme chosen for this exhibition”said the designer, who is also the youngest of the three artists.

Respect for the environment is also present through the colors used and the various “eco-friendly” techniques used in the manufacture of most items.

“The principle of environmentally friendly design concerns the whole chain, and must start from design to manufacturing”noted Younes Duret, citing the example of the use of solar panels to power the computers and 3D printers used during the design phase, then the economy of materials which requires in particular a minimum of waste and maximum recycling.

Born in Casablanca in 1980, Younes Duret is an engineer in industrial design and a graduate of the National School of Industrial Creation (ENSCI). He masters the aspects of design as a whole (product, graphics, interior architecture, etc.) as well as the industrial constraints linked to mass production.

Wielding the digital tool with agility, Sammy Bernoussi, born in 1994 in Limoges, configures the traditional Islamic pattern in an iterative algorithm. He graduated in industrial design from ENSCI-Paris.

Amina Agueznay, meanwhile, graduated in architecture in Washington, and trained in jewelry design. Born in 1963 in Casablanca, she recently acted as artistic director of the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain during the Dubai World Expo 2020.



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