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“Fath Al Andalus” case: The court declares itself incompetent

The Rabat Court of First Instance declared itself incompetent in the case of the request to stop broadcasting the series “Fatah Al-Andalus”.

The complaint was filed by Amazigh activist Rachid Bouhaddouz, who said the content contradicts Moroccan history. For him, the series broadcast in prime time, “insults the symbols of Moroccans and undermines the territorial integrity of the country, and therefore should not be broadcast on public television”.

Bouhaddouz is not the only one to have denounced the series, several other voices have stepped up to call for the suspension of the series from Al Oula’s programming schedule, because it “conveys erroneous messages to the Moroccan public, and could promote these misconceptions to viewers.”

Sources within the first national channel, for their part, insisted that Al Oula was not responsible for the production. It is a fiction inspired by historical events and it is not a documentary work, they recall.




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