Fake bomb threat creates panic

Fake bomb threat creates panic

A false bomb alert was reported on Monday morning in front of the Moroccan consulate in Liège, creating a small panic before everything quickly returned to normal.

What seemed like a worrying situation finally turned out to be harmless. Around 10:00 a.m., a bomb threat was triggered after a suspicious vehicle was reported in front of the building of the Moroccan consular mission in Liège.

Belgian media, including the official Belga agency, report that as a precautionary measure, the Service for the Removal and Destruction of Explosive Devices (SEDEE) went to the scene. At the same time, the police searched for the owner or owners of the vehicle, establishing a security perimeter.

However, around 10:40 a.m., the Liège police confirmed that it was in fact a false alarm. As a result, traffic was able to resume on Boulevard de la Sauvenière, where the Moroccan embassy is located, after being temporarily interrupted, Belgian media point out.

Fortunately, this situation turned out to be a false alarm, and there were no serious incidents. The authorities reacted quickly to guarantee everyone’s safety, and daily life was able to resume its normal course.


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