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Faced with the silence of the MJ, the candidates organize themselves around a new coordination

After having suspended their strike launched on February 24 following the guarantee provided by the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights (DIDH) for the opening of a dialogue during the next two weeks following the strike with the Ministry of Justice , the candidates who failed the written bar exam are organized around a coordination that includes representatives of the different cities of the Kingdom in order to plan the next steps of escalation.

On March 11, 2023, the candidates who led the hunger strike met around the dialogue table with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, where they expressed their desire to find solutions that meet the general interest, while calling on the guardianship to find innovative solutions that do justice to the impacted candidates. But since this meeting, it is the radio silence on the part of the department of Abdellatif Ouahbi which pushed the protesters to organize a general assembly last Saturday.

During this General Assembly held at the headquarters of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), branch of Casablanca, the candidates who failed the written bar exam announced the creation of a coordination which will thus represent the new framework that they dubbed the ” National coordination of candidates who failed the examination for eligibility to practice the profession of lawyer “.

In a press release, the general assembly confirmed that the creation of this new coordination took place in the presence of all the regional coordinators and representatives of some cities, while some participated in the GA through social networks.

In detail, the general assembly addressed several points including the formation of a National Coordination Office, the discussion of the draft statute and future scenarios to achieve the fundamental grievances of the coordination. Also, the participants expressed their contributions centered on the context of this general assembly, drawing up an inventory and proposing possible solutions to federate the ranks in order to achieve the claims of all those who failed the admissibility examination. to the practice of the legal profession.

According to the same communication, the GA concluded that the national coordination formation is similar to the National Coordination Council and brings together all the participants in the general assembly constituting the coordination, noting that the council remains open to all candidates with failed the exam.

Thus, the general assembly decided to discuss the statute bill and to vote on the amendments, underlines the same source, adding that with regard to future scenarios, the coordination office has received approval in order to formulate the next control program in case the dialogue with the Ministry of Justice fails.

Member of the coordination committee of the city of Rabat, Amine Nassrallah declared in a “ live on his Facebook page that ” this coordination terminated the Bar Examination Victims Committee and the City Coordinating Committees “, noting that” everyone joined the new coordination “adding that” the organizational differences that existed before were overcome, and the voice of reason and wisdom prevailed in order to lead the battle towards the right path and break with opportunism “.

The same spokesperson said that ” there will be militant steps to come, and that the dialogue will take place with the Ministry of Justice “. On the judicial level, Amine Nassrallah stressed that the case will be referred to the administrative court, noting that the administrative chamber of the Court of Cassation is the only one authorized to manage its affairs, while also opting for the judicial investigation, underlining the refusal to internationalize the case.

Regarding the committee representing candidates who failed the bar exam, Amine pointed out that the same previous committee will be continued with some minor modifications, and that it will not be limited to only hunger strikers. He also stressed that the coordination will not accept any dialogue with anyone, except the Minister of Justice in person, ” whom we are waiting to sit with us at the dialogue table “, he concluded.



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