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Faced with the silence of the ministry, the parents of students from Ukraine appeal to the King

After a first sit-in held a few weeks ago, the parents of Moroccan students in Ukraine observed a second walkout in front of the Ministry of Higher Education in Rabat under the slogan ” Accelerate integration to assert their children’s rights to integration into Moroccan universities.

The parents of Moroccan students who fled Ukraine after the outbreak of war called on the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation on Tuesday 19 April to keep its promises by integrating the students concerned into Moroccan universities.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

The sit-in, organized this Tuesday by the Coordination of the families of students of Ukraine, took place this morning in front of the headquarters of the ministry, after the Coordination had deposited two correspondences with the office of the supervisory ministry last March, which got no response.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsMustapha Morbi, one of the protesting parents, said that ” the families have spent about three months of torment trying to erase the psychological effects and repercussions of the war from the memory of their children on the one hand, and think about their future which is at stake on the other “adding that” these fathers and mothers who are protesting today have sold their property to educate their children, so their case must be treated as a priority “.

At a time when the demonstrators note the efforts made by the Kingdom to evacuate their children from Ukraine, they nevertheless denounce the delay in the procedures for integrating students into universities, or at least an announcement on the first measures which confirm that the government is taking the matter seriously.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

According to a member of the Coordination, the Ministry undertook, during the last meeting with the families of the students, to initiate the process of receiving the files of the students concerned. Today, parents are waiting for the guardianship to reveal the number of students in dental and general medicine or the number of students in architecture and other specialties, in order to have an idea of ​​the possibilities available to them for integrate them according to the absorption capacity of the universities.

The father of a student, Abdelillah Tawil, confirmed to MoroccoLatestNews that an official from the Ministry of Higher Education had affirmed the impossibility of integrating all students of all courses in Moroccan universities, given the limited absorption capacity. An assertion that worried the families even more, which is why they asked the ministry to decide on this file.

Photo: Mounir Mehimdate

On the student side, integration into Moroccan universities is not the best option for them according to testimonies collected by MoroccoLatestNews UK, especially after the refusal observed by the Coordination of medical students who believe that there is not enough place or training ground for everyone. But it is still an option, confided to us a dental student in Ukraine, who even mentioned integration into private medical universities, given that the cost of studies in Ukraine is almost similar to that of the private sector in Morocco.

These procrastination push us to put the files of our children in the hands of the King. We are tired of knocking on the doors of the ministry, which only created a platform to count the number of students, without taking the next step“said Najia, the mother of a student.




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