Faced with the container of “shame” the Spanish Interior justifies itself

Faced with the container of “shame” the Spanish Interior justifies itself

Several criticisms, from NGOs and other organizations are raining down, in Spain and even in Morocco, against the Spanish government about a somewhat dilapidated or even unsanitary container and not adapted to the reception of human beings in Sebta. The container is used by the city authorities for “the detention of Moroccan immigrants” at the entrance to Tarajal beach on the Moroccan border.

Indeed, the youth who attempted the adventure of Eldorado, immediately picked up by the rightful person, after bathing, were crammed into this room which some have described as dilapidated and unworthy of the normative rules of human rights and human dignity.

The Spanish central government responded by justifying this measure, which, according to it, had come into force since the second half of 2021 and more precisely a famous month of May. The executive indicated that the migrants who are intercepted after having joined Sebta irregularly, are “settled” there pending the completion of their deportation procedures to Morocco, and the acceptance by the latter to welcome them, “ they are sheltered there in case there would be bad weather“.

The Spanish Interior has indicated that this container has an area of ​​twenty-eight cubic meters, and has an electrical connection, in addition to several toilets available nearby for the use of the migrants concerned. In short, this container is an obligatory passage and this, pending an administrative regulation without more. This came in response to a question about it in the Spanish Congress.

That said, the Spanish Interior Ministry said migrants are given food and drink, as well as dry clothes, and are also given a medical screening by Red Cross personnel, with a transfer to Sebta University Hospital for treatment, if necessary.

Regarding the lack of beds or mattresses in this now legendary container, the Spanish government said: ” The immigrants who are placed there do not want to sleep there, given the short period of their stay “, emphasizing in this regard “that no incident that could threaten the safety of immigrants has occurred there “.

In addition, the Spanish government was pleased that Morocco is cooperating in the file of the expulsions of Moroccan immigrants arriving in Sebta in an irregular manner. The Spanish interior said that as soon as one of them is intercepted, the Moroccan authorities are immediately notified through their border agents and the deportation process takes place in their presence.

The Spanish Interior Ministry hailed what it described as “thehe active cooperation of Morocco in welcoming its citizens“. He backed this up by stating that “ this cooperation has the undeniable effect that it discourages the activity of migrant smuggling networks“, citing in passing the drop in the total number of irregular arrivals to Spain.

During his appearance on Wednesday before the members of the Spanish Congress in plenary session, the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, reaffirmed that Morocco is a ” fundamental ally not to say essential of the Kingdom of Spain, emphasizing its conviction by indicating that “the new framework of relations between the two countries was in the interest of Spain”.


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