Facebook / Meta elected “worst business” of the year 2021

Facebook, which was recently renamed “Meta,” was ranked as the worst company of the year after 12 turbulent months of controversy, according to a survey by Yahoo Finance.

According to the survey carried out by Yahoo! Finance, which annually seeks to showcase the best and worst companies around the world, Facebook, now known as Meta, won the title of Worst Company of the Year.

It received 50% more votes as the worst company of the year than the finalist, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. Microsoft, on the other hand, was named this year’s best company.

Although the survey result was not in favor of Facebook, 30% of the participants felt that the company could ” redeem himself “.

Among the means suggested by people, we find for example “Recognize and apologize for what she did” and “Donate a large amount of its profits to a foundation to help repair the damage caused to minors”.

The open survey, which was carried out on Survey Monkey via Yahoo! The December 4-5 finance home page received 1,541 respondents.

Facebook, amid the scandals, rebranded itself “Meta,” marking the start of a new direction for the company, according to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The new name is said to be more in line with the goal of building a “Metaverse”, a fully digital world. The rebranding was widely seen as an attempt to distract from the review, and according to some survey participants it worked.

Facebook has long been embroiled in public concerns about the privacy of its users. The social network has notably come into conflict with Apple over changes in iOS and iPadOS that make it more difficult for businesses to follow users on other apps and websites.

Facebook has claimed the new change, App Tracking Transparency, will hurt small businesses that rely on advertising to attract new customers.

Mark Zuckerberg went so far as to say that Facebook’s weak growth in the last quarter of the year was in part attributable to ATT (App Tracking Transparency).

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also not hesitated to challenge Facebook for its practices and its business model. In a speech earlier this year, Cook hinted that Facebook’s business model is leading to polarization and violence. A spokesperson for Meta declined to respond to a comment from Yahoo Finance regarding the investigation.

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