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External enemy, fundamentalism, extremism… the old refrain of Algeria

The old doctrine of the external enemy which is in place in Algeria, does not need to be revisited, a simple update should be enough to dust it off according to the authority in the East of Eden. In this regard, the senile chief of the Algerian People’s National Army (ANP), Said Chengriha takes care of it. He is determined to defeat the “manoeuvres” and the “machinations of the enemies” of an Algeria with invisible enemies since Independence…

This time, loud and clear, and in accordance with the press release from the Algerian Ministry of National Defense (MDN)VShengriha attacked religious fundamentalism. Also, it was cheerfully that he put warned against the return of fundamentalists to Algeria this week during a visit to the headquarters of the command of the Air Defense Forces of the territory. Certainly that in his delusions he had in mind, the soldier Ghannouchi, that Algeria has cowardly sacrificed.

One of the two front-stage puppets of the Muppets show made in Algeria, added that the extremists must know that the Algerian people, who have ” endured the torments of barbaric terrorism and suffered the pangs of mindless cruelty, will never allow them to lure him again “. He accuses the fundamentalists of using ” attachment of Algerians to their religion for achieve dubious political goals, which are no doubt part of destructive projects and hostile foreign agendas “.

In short, a nice blablabla of circumstance cagainst “extremism in all its forms”. Yet of religious fundamentalism or extremism in Algeria, we have hardly heard since the “civil concord” after the black decade apart from a few skirmishes here and there like everywhere on our planet Earth. On the other hand those arbitrary of the Algerian power, it is with the daily newspaper that they are told to us.

The day before, the good man had given a speech at the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Algiers and chronic delirious psychosis characterized by a discordance of the thought and the relationship to the outside world, when it holds him, he said all his tenacity, “to work tirelessly and with determination to defeat the maneuvers and machinations of the enemies of Algeria, hostile as they are to its unity and its social, cultural and civilizational cohesion”. We allow ourselves here, a little doubt as to the civilizational area or even the unity or social cohesion, which hardly exist in these places from which he spoke.

“The machinations of the enemies of Algeria” we suspect it strongly, we know to whom they are attributed as the relations between Morocco and Algeria have never been so degraded as at present. Power in Algeria, it’s an open secret, has been the responsibility of the military since the country’s independence. Like weeds, this dictate regenerated tirelessly for six decades and resisted space and time. To appease an Algerian people who are quick to relax, the military invokes the external enemy. It’s easy, cheap and it brings big money to the pockets of the generals.

Also, to be at the head of the Algerian State, one cannot ignore these fundamental principles put in place by the soldiers who manage the country and therefore, the relations between Algeria and Morocco. The senile second, like a perfect turkey of the farce, knows them by heart and applies them to the letter. It is also known that almost all the press organs in Algeria are good auxiliaries, under the pay of the army and sow khaki messages to all winds. It’s that or the straw, there is no other alternative. In recent times and particularly since the advent of Chengriha, under the baton of the APS, they have multiplied virulence, insults and defamation towards the Kingdom. But what do you want, Algeria is furious about the question of the Moroccan Sahara, which has now become a closed affair. Algiers must come to terms with the facts and move on, to appeasement as in France.

The brave Chengriha who was taken prisoner in 1976 by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) after the battle of Amgala with a whole battalion of ANP soldiers sandwiched between them, has still not digested the fact and is still chomping at the bit. . For his own interests he puts a whole nation in danger. That said, the Algerian soldiers must bear in mind that Morocco no longer operates primarily within the framework of the Maghreb, and its ambition, ” Hail Mahamat Faki and Amina Selmane”, is no longer to be a leader in the Maghreb, but in Africa. Have toit really wrap them up?



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