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Extension of 10 billion dirhams to support national projects

The government of Aziz Akhannouch will open by decree, a budget extension of 10 billion dirhams (MMDH) aimed at covering the expenses of several ministries and institutions. The executive intends to rely on article 60 of the organic law of the finance law to carry out this process.

The Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, Fouzi Lekjaa, held this Thursday, two meetings with the Finance Committees of the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors to inform them of the content of the said decree.

The introduction to the decree specifies that “the opening of these unforeseen additional credits within the framework of the finance law for the year 2023 is urgent and necessary, given its link with the support of a set of establishments and ministries to improve their financial situation or to finance programs that fall within the framework of framework agreements or new strategies that have been signed or launched during the current year”.

According to the text of the decree, this modification also serves to “the coverage of urgent additional expenses related to the resolution of the problem of water scarcity and the repercussions of inflation on the purchasing power of citizens”.

In detail, the government will allocate 4 billion dirhams for the benefit of the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), as a commitment to the State for the year 2023, within the framework of the activation of the Memorandum of Understanding that will create the 2023-2027 Framework Agreement which is expected to be signed within the current year.

An amount of 1.5 billion dirhams will be used to cover the additional expenses necessary for the implementation of the National Program for the Supply of Drinking Water and Irrigation Water 2020-2027, in application of royal directives in the matter.

In addition, the decree plans to allocate 1.2 billion dirhams for the implementation of the strategic roadmap for the tourism sector 2023-2026, as well as 3.3 billion dirhams directly related to the fight against the repercussions of the inflation on purchasing power.



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