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exports exceed 80 billion dirhams in 2022

Exports of agricultural and maritime food products exceeded the threshold of 80 billion dirhams (MMDH) for the first time in 2022 and recorded an increase of nearly 20% compared to 2021, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, maritime fishing, rural development and water and forests.

This sector occupies the 3rd position among Moroccan export sectors, the ministry said in a press release, noting that exports of agricultural and maritime food products recorded good performance during the year 2022 despite a difficult international and climatic context.

Exports of fresh fruits and vegetables reached a volume of 2.3 million tons in 2022, representing an annual growth of 10%. This growth trend affected all product families and all destinations. In particular, soft fruit exports recorded a growth of 20%, reaching a volume of 131,900 tons. The year 2022 was also marked by a particularly notable growth in citrus exports to the American market (x2.2), notes the ministry.

As for exports of fishery products, they increased, in 2022, by 13% in volume and 16% in value, reaching 28 billion dirhams. Exports of canned fish recorded growth of 7% in volume and 30% in value. Concerning processed agricultural products, their exports recorded, in 2022, an increase of 5% in volume and 19% in value compared to the year 2021. Exports of olive oil, for their part, increased 85% in volume and 49% in value.



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