Expo 2020 Dubai / School Program: The Morocco Pavilion offers a cultural program to Emirati students

As part of the Moroccan artistic and cultural program at Expo 2020 Dubai, many activities and workshops for children are offered daily in the patio of the Morocco Pavilion and at various places on the Expo site, throughout the 6 months. of the event, from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

The objective of these activities is to introduce young Emirati students visiting the Morocco Pavilion to the wealth of Moroccan know-how, in a fun and educational way through an interactive experience.

In this sense, the artistic and cultural programming intended for children offers a moment of culture and entertainment to discover and transmit the values ​​of openness and friendliness of Morocco while inspiring young generations from all over the world …

This goes from storytelling workshops, to film screening, through the discovery of Moroccan know-how transmitted by master craftsmen in the fields of woodwork, slippers, pottery, embroidery, tapestry, brassware, zellij, jewelry …

At the end of their visit, the children leave with “a bit of Morocco” with the help of the Maison de l’Artisan: activity books for 5-9 year olds, a magazine on crafts for 10 -13 years old and a card game.

Note that the common thread of artistic and cultural programming is “intergenerational transmission” which is based on a proactive and responsible approach to sustainability and opportunities for future generations.

This common thread is itself declined from the central theme of the Moroccan Pavilion “Heritages for the future… from our inspiring origins towards a sustainable progress” where the notion of “Heritages” for future generations is put forward and the “origins »Which forged the identity of Morocco are sources of inspiration, concrete opportunities and sustainable progress for the future.



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