Exhibition “XPO FMR – Street Art Inside” at HIBA_Lab

The Hiba Foundation is organizing its “Street Art Inside” event at Hiba_Lab. An atypical exhibition, which will take place in a stairwell until July 15, 2021.

Born in the streets, Street art, or urban art, is a contemporary artistic movement that brings together all forms of art produced in the street or in public places and encompasses various methods such as graffiti, stenciling, posters and much more. others. Since its development during the last decade, and all over the world, it has been increasingly seen in interior spaces: museums, art galleries, office space or even to decorate cafes, restaurants or home interiors. Street Art, given its nature
contemporary and current, is a discipline which is dynamic, in constant movement and which continues to develop and reinvent itself.

The discipline has grown at the national level, with the emergence of festivals dedicated to it, thanks to a growing interest among the general population and the artistic community. The latter was supported with the creation of training courses dedicated to the discipline, which allowed the emergence of a new generation of artists, graffiti artists, painters and Street artists. However, Street art is an art that remains discreet on the national art scene, with fewer opportunities, and a victim of

It is within this framework and in a logic of support and promotion of this art that the Hiba Foundation is organizing an ephemeral exhibition entitled “XPO FMR – Street Art Inside”.

Always with the aim of capturing the visual movement of the moment, this artistic exhibition focuses on the discipline of Street art, contemporary art par excellence, to pay tribute to this young, fresh, urban and current discipline, a true vehicle of expression of the artist who is no longer limited by the size of his board and who explores textures, colors, techniques and dimensions. An ephemeral exhibition because, by definition, Street art has an ephemeral nature and is a contemporary artistic movement that sees itself as instant and rapid art. It reinvents itself, renews itself, and the artist paints on a board which is consumed over time, which can be revisited or reinvested.

The Hiba Foundation, since its inception, has focused its efforts on contemporary creations and emerging trends, and its mission is to support contemporary arts. Several Foundation events have been dedicated to this great discipline: Street art exhibition during the multidisciplinary event “In Situ” which took place in 2015, the animation of workshops around Street art and graffiti, the participation of Street artists during the XPO FMR – Hors Cadre exhibition, and recently the covering of the wall of the HIBA_Lab by the artist Normal.

For “Street Art Inside”, four muralists will have carte blanche to create a work inside the stairwell leading to the HIBA_Lab. They are Mehdi Zemmouri, Ed Oner, Reda Boudina and Ayoub Basec, the goal being to invite urban art inside and invite the curious to discover it.



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