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Exhibition “The Garden of Eden”, a tribute to 7 great artists who have passed away

The collective exhibition “The Garden of Eden or the vision of an idealized society”, organized by the CDG Foundation, and housed by the CDG Expressions Space in Rabat, is a posthumous tribute to seven genius artists.

Open Thursday and continuing until March 30, 2022, the exhibition offers the opportunity to discover feus Mohammed Ben Allal, Moulay Ahmed Drissi, Fatima Hassan El Farrouj, Hassan El Glaoui, Boujemaa Lakhdar, Ahmed Louardiri and Abbès Saladi, who have greatly contributed to writing the history of art in Morocco.

Prefacing the book dedicated to this exhibition, Abdellatif Zaghnoun, President of the CDG Foundation, affirmed that “these artists, sometimes qualified in their time as” naive “, today deserve another intellectual rereading and can no longer be associated with any designation. which would reduce their talent ”.

For him, “their poetic singularity draws from an intangible Moroccan heritage to which we always remain very attached, a synthesis between spirituality and popular cultures”.

The perpetual secretary of the Academy of the Kingdom, Abdeljlil Lahjomri, for his part wrote that this exhibition, which bears a title as suggestive as “Garden of Eden” and which announces that it also deals with “Paradise Lost”, invites visitors to undertake a journey into the depths of the human soul that the three monotheisms nourish with immemorial myths.

“A journey, he argued, which revisits the ambivalence of the human condition, torn between an exalted elevation, towards celestial beauty, and a decline in the suffering of loss”.

Note that in December, the CDG Foundation also organized the opening of the exhibition “Chaïbia, the magician of the arts”, dedicated to the memory of the late painter, Chaïbia Talal.




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