Exhibition by Malika Agueznay from June 10 to July 2, 2021

The great artist Malika Agueznay, presents to the general public her exhibition at ” So Art Gallery Which started on June 10 until July 2. This exhibition will reveal to the public major works of the Moroccan artist, as well as recent works using different techniques.

It was at the start of the 1980s that Malika Agueznay approached the world of printmaking in Assilah with great masters such as Roman Artymowski, Mohamed Omar Khalil, Krichna Reddy or even Robert Blackburn. She is also faithful, every year since 1978, to the Moussem of Assilah and to its engraving workshop. Writing “algae»D’Agueznay is unique and her engravings are unlike any other, so much she knows how to bring out the reliefs and satin the shimmering colors.

Whatever the medium and the technique, Malika’s work is imbued with a completely mystical sweetness. An accomplished visual artist, Malika Agueznay is both a painter, sculptor and emeritus engraver, driven by a love of art and a keen sense of a job well done. Her favorite sign, the seaweed, adapts to both canvas, wood and engraving, a technique in which Malika seems to have found her happiness.

Malika Agueznay has never stopped exploring all the plastic potential offered by seaweed. She does this by handling painting and engraving and by using various media such as frescoes, canvases, zinc or copper engravings.

Who is Malika Agueznay?

For those who do not know her, Malika Agueznay is a pioneer artist in more than one way. The first woman to develop abstraction, she took part in Moroccan modernity and contributed, alongside the tenors of the School of Casablanca, to define its codes and forms.

In 1966, after a first scientific training, Malika Agueznay enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, then directed by Farid Belkahia. There, she meets the thinkers of Moroccan modernity and contributes with them to register art in the political and social fields which will define the movement. Together, they question contemporary painting and focus their work on the study of shapes, lines, geometry and pure color. In contact with them, the artist develops her own research that she will explore throughout her life through different media.

It is through the experience of engraving, which she discovered in 1978 at the Moussem d’Asilah, that Malika’s work gains in strength and is freed from the preoccupation with the legibility of form and content. As her friend the anthropologist Bert Flint underlines, Malika Agueznay is undoubtedly the Moroccan artist of her generation who has pushed research in this field the furthest. To deepen her technique, the artist, who is also a young mother, does not hesitate to go to New York, in the workshops of renowned engravers such as Mohamad Omar Khalil, Krishna Ready and Robert Blackburn. She will complete this apprenticeship in Paris at Atelier 17. Since then, faithful to the teaching of the School of Casablanca, the artist returns every year to Asilah to animate the engraving workshop on the occasion of the Moussen (festival) International art.

Being an engraver allows the painter that I am to duplicate myself and do everything that I cannot do in painting. And yet my painting and my engraving are holding hands, I can feel it.“.

Among the forms that preoccupied her from her early years at the school of fine arts, that of seaweed gradually took a predominant place in her work and soon became ubiquitous.

Thus, the gallery ” So Art Gallery“, Strongly invites the general public to discover this unprecedented exhibition, where the artist Malika Agueznay will invite them to cross a landscape imbued with plasticity and writing, a modest inner melody, where a song of beauty invests her works in total harmony.



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