Exclusive interactive concerts by Douzi and Dhurata Dora

International artists Douzi and Dhurata Dora will take part in special concerts broadcast live on September 30, 2021. The interactive concerts will be available for free to fans around the world, thanks to OneFor, the monetary app, in cooperation with Mastercard.

These concerts, organized by LiveNation, will offer an unprecedented experience to an international audience, the organizers said in a press release, noting that the concerts can be followed live and free of charge worldwide. In addition, a selected audience will have access to ” Watch Parties »Which can accommodate up to six people, or integrate the« digital pit »Where 50 people will be able to interact live with the artists during the concerts.

Dhurata Dora and Douzi will select and invite themselves the people who will integrate the “ pit “. In addition, a raffle to try to win a 30-minute meeting with the artists will be organized among the fans who will share the most information about the concert on social networks. 2000 participants will be able to meet and interact in a virtual bar and join the “ Watch Parties »Explain the organizers.



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