Exclusion of Amazigh language graduates from AREF competitions: Benmoussa reacts

Exclusion of Amazigh language graduates from AREF competitions: Benmoussa reacts

Following the controversy aroused in Parliament, the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, denied having deprived Amazigh language graduates of taking the competition for executives of regional academies of education and training (AREF) due to the age limit.

In response to a written question from the group of the Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS) in the House of Representatives, Minister Chakib Benmoussa indicated that the conditions established for the organization of recruitment competitions for institutional executives of the AREFs this year are part of the policy to improve the education system, as provided for by framework law 17-51.

The government official clarified that the age limit is part of these conditions, which do not only concern Amazigh language graduates, but include all candidates for competitive examinations.

The Minister of National Education stressed that the objective of these criteria and conditions is not to exclude or deprive young people of their professional and social integration in the national education sector, but to consolidate the selection .

He insisted on the fact that this condition aims to support the attractiveness of teaching professions for candidates under the age of 30, in order to guarantee their permanent commitment to the service of public schools, as well as to maximize investments in training and career paths.

This follows the alert of the deputy Rachid Hamouni of the PPS, concerning what he considers to be a ” exclusion » graduates in Amazigh studies who wish to pass the « recruitment competitions » because of their age. He pointed out that the application of this condition excludes the majority of bachelor’s or master’s graduates from participating in this competition.

The MP pointed out that the integration of the Amazigh language in various aspects of life requires above all its expansion in educational institutions, which requires the creation of sufficient jobs in the field of specialized education in the Amazigh language. . This is a hope maintained by graduates in Amazigh studies.

MP Hamouni also pointed out that this ” exclusion “led to a” spectacular regression » interest in enrolling in this specialty in universities, given that young graduates of this specialty have practically no other choice than to participate in the competitions of academic executives, according to his own words.

Therefore, the MP sent a written question to the line ministry to request measures to remedy this situation and open the way for all university graduates, without age limit, especially for the specialty of the Amazigh language. , since the integration of the Amazigh language in administrative life begins first with its expansion in education.


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