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Exceptional promotion for the police officer killed in Inezgane

The director of the DGST-DGSN pole, Abdellatif Hammouchi, has decided to grant an exceptional promotion in rank to the policeman Mamoun Fakir, fatally injured on May 2 in Inezgane. This promotion takes place pursuant to the provisions of article 8 of the Decree relating to the General Directorate of National Security.

The victim police officer was thus promoted to the rank of excellent police officer with post-mortem effect, in recognition of his high sense of professionalism and his serious sacrifice, but also of the abnegation which the deceased showed when he intervened. to end a brawl and neutralize the danger emanating from two people who were threatening the safety of people and property with knives.

Hammouchi also gave his instructions to the central services in charge of the management of human resources of the police, to coordinate with the competent government departments in order to examine the possibilities and legal provisions allowing the parents of the deceased to benefit from the pension, usually paid to beneficiaries in accidents related to the exercise of the function, in the sense that when it intervenes to enforce the law and protect the safety of people, it is a practice of the profession, in accordance with the provisions Chapter 26 of the Civil Pensions Regulation Act.

These decisions, issued by the Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance, are part of the special attention that the security services pay to their officials and their dependents, just as they indicate the deep appreciation of the enormous sacrifices that the women and men of national security make to serve the causes of their fatherland and their fellow citizens.

It should be noted that the deceased was the only financial support for his family, and several actors and acquaintances hope that the government services will favor the spirit of the law to make this derogation and allow his parents to benefit from his pension.

As a reminder, two individuals were brought before the competent prosecutor’s office on Friday at the Court of Appeal in Agadir for alleged involvement in the death of the late Mamoun Fakir. This is the main accused author of the stab wound to the neck of the victim, while she was trying to intervene to end a fight for a neighborhood problem. The second individual brought before the prosecution is the second person involved in the dispute. He had also fled before being arrested later.




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