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Evacuation operations for Moroccans continue through Saudi Arabia

Moroccans stranded in Sudan continue to be evacuated from the city of Khartoum to Port Sudan, before being transferred to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, on board a ship.

According to data obtained by MoroccoLatestNews from a knowledgeable source, the first group of Moroccans spent the night in Port Sudan in apartments made available to them by the Moroccan Embassy, ​​after being transported in from Khartoum via 4 bus.

They would be nearly 200 Moroccans to be in Sudan, between residents and people who found themselves there for other reasons, in full deterioration of the security situation in the country.

On Tuesday, a second group of Moroccans from Khartoum is expected in Port Sudan. A meeting point has been given to nationals to join buses that will transport them to this city before taking them out of the country.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, gave instructions to Moroccans recommending them to take safe routes to reach the meeting point.

For this first phase, the services of the Moroccan diplomatic representation were able to mobilize 7 buses with 49 seats to be able to transport people in a secure manner and organize their return to the country.

It is expected that these Moroccans will be evacuated by sea from the city of Port Sudan to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, but they have not yet been informed of the details of the trip.

Moroccan families stuck in Sudan since the deterioration of the security situation, particularly in Khartoum, live in fear on a daily basis.

But since King Mohammed VI gave his high instructions for the evacuation of Moroccans from Sudan, citizens feel more secure and warmly thank him for having heard their requests to return and for having brought them to safety, especially in this moment.



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