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EP Resolution: MP addresses EU Ambassador to Morocco directly

The Popular Movement (MP) has decided to act in the face of the allegations contained in the European Parliament resolution of January 19, by directly addressing, by means of a letter, the Ambassador of the European Union in Morocco .

The Moroccan party has decided to take matters into its own hands and to send a letter to Patricia Llombart Cussac, EU Ambassador to Morocco, to express its strong condemnation of the unfounded allegations contained in the EP resolution“which is in line with the iniquitous and biased attacks to which the Kingdom of Morocco is subject within European institutions, which are the result of machinations and a desire to harm the strategic partnership that binds Morocco to the European Union“.

According to the letter, of which MoroccoLatestNews has a copy, the party, through the pen of its secretary general, Mohammed Ouzzine, believes that these despicable maneuvers, fomented by certain political currents hostile to a partner country, reliable and credible Europe, challenges first and foremost the EU executive which has never ceased to congratulate itself on the excellent relations with the Kingdom and to salute the great dynamics which characterizes its partnership with Morocco.

Ouzzine notably recalled that the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, had reaffirmed, during his recent visit to Rabat, the importance relations linking the EU to Morocco, which he described as ” most dynamic and closest partner of Europe, and called in particular to raise the political and security dialogue with Morocco.

To this end, the party invites the European Union ” to come out of its silence and to express its position in relation to this dangerous and regrettable slippage of the European Parliament“, resulting from the shenanigans of circles hostile to the Morocco-EU partnership.

Moreover, ” and beyond the denunciation of this clumsiness, malpractice or institutional insolence“, the MP announced that he would join other national institutions (Higher Council of the Judiciary, Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad, National Press Council, etc.), as well as the Arab Parliament, to condemn ” vigorously » the resolution of the European Parliament since it represents « blatant interference “in the internal affairs of a sovereign State, through the instrumentalization of the question of human rights on the basis of false allegations, devoid of legal foundations and legitimacy”.

In this sense, the party expresses its categorical rejection of any interference in Moroccan justice or an attempt to influence its decisions, especially since some cases referred to in the EP resolution are still before the courts, the letter reads. . He added that the trials referred to in the resolution of the European Parliament took place in accordance with the law, in full respect of the constitutional guarantees and the conditions of a fair trial, as they are recognized at the international level.

Furthermore, the party stresses that the facts that are the subject of the lawsuits brought against the individuals cited in the European Parliament resolution are in no way linked to journalistic activity or to the exercise of freedom of opinion and expression, which are guaranteed by Moroccan law and the Constitution. In fact, the charges brought against them and the facts with which they are charged concern ordinary crimes, such as trafficking in human beings, rape and the exploitation of people’s vulnerability, acts which are severely punished by the laws all over the world.

Therefore, the party urges the European Union and all its institutions and active political forces ” to reconsider ignominious acts with regard to the Kingdom and its institutions, to respect the principle of national sovereignty and to promote the construction of solid partnerships, based on mutual respect, good neighbourliness, constructive dialogue and strategic interests“.



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