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Entrepreneurship: Injaz launches Injaz Factory & Injaz Academy to train 108,000 young people in 2022

The Injaz Al-Maghrib association of the Al Mada group announced on Wednesday the structuring of its two main poles into two distinct initiatives which will now be called Injaz Factory & Injaz Academy. The two programs train in entrepreneurship and support project leaders among young people in Morocco.

Anjaz Al Maghib and its partners reiterated their commitment and willingness to sustain their partnership aimed at encouraging young Moroccans to embark on entrepreneurship. This year and until 2024, a new project connected to local dynamics at the territorial level will be launched in the southern regions.

In addition, the association has decided to structure its strategic pillars in order to make its offers better known to its targets. The Injaz Al Maghrib experience has already had great success since its launch in 2007, in particular with more than 310,000 young people trained thanks to more than 5,000 volunteers and mentors, all executives working with the association’s partners.

These two pillars, Injaz Factory and Injaz Academy, include a component on entrepreneurial education for young people in primary, middle and high school as well as university, and which includes training programs on entrepreneurship, and a another concerns the support of project leaders in the creation of their companies for high school students, university students or others.

For 2021-2021, Injaz Al Maghrib aims to train 108,000 young people and intends to raise awareness among young people to create “societal projects, which will have a real impact on the environment”, like the energy transition

“We have now become a very important lever in the employability of young people. When they have an Injaz experience on their CV, it opens doors for them, it facilitates their access to employment for those who have chosen salaried employment as a professional axis, “said Leila Mamou, CEO of Injaz Al -Maghrib, during a press conference for the launch of Injaz Factory & Injaz Academy

“Injaz for us is really a long-term partnership, it is a communion of values ​​and a shared vision around the support of young entrepreneurs, our young fellow citizens, around ethical values, commitment, entrepreneurial, carried by the Attijariwafabank group and its shareholder Al Mada, who have a roadmap articulated around entrepreneurship and support for young people”, declared Youssef Rouissi, director of the BFIG of the Attijariwafa Bank group.

“Supporting entrepreneurship is a strategic subject for our country (…) and it is at the heart of our group’s DNA,” he said, adding that the world and Morocco are currently changing. in a “disturbed and unstable” context, referring to the coronavirus pandemic, judging that the classic salaried employment models “will certainly not be enough to absorb the flow of our young fellow citizens arriving on the labor market”.

“We need to have other schemes, other formulas, other approaches, in terms of entrepreneurial audacity, business creation and support for these young people to manage to guide them towards their project. believing that this is not only an opportunity for Morocco but also a challenge that must be addressed collectively, added Youssef Rouissi.

Injaz Factory Startup Initiative

Injaz Al Maghrib in partnership with the Managem group, will launch in 2022 an experiment in several regions of Morocco with a focus on the southern regions. After launching this pilot initiative in 2021, it will be increased tenfold and the program will be spread over 3 years.

The Startup initiative targets young project leaders in rural areas, particularly in mining areas that are affected by Managem sites in Morocco, said Abdellatif Kissami, Sustainable Development and CSR Director of the Managem group.

“We wanted this approach to be innovative and to bring added value compared to other existing programs”, he said, explaining that with Injaz Al Maghrib, through Injaz Factory, “we approached provincial INDH committees, existing economic structures at the territorial level, and youth platforms”, to launch this experience.

The first was created at the level of the Draa Tafilalet region in June 2021, under the aegis of the INDH provincial committee of Zagora, and “the same experience which will be multiplied in particular at the level of Ouarzazate, Tinghir and Taroudant this year and soon in the province of Al Haouz to reach 3 regions”, namely Marrakech Safi, Souss-Massa, and Draa Tafilalet, he noted.

For Leila Mamou, the Injaz Factory program, set up with Mangem, will become an integral part of the Injaz experience and can be used by other companies. “We have a lot of companies that want to use Injaz as a CSR lever,” she said.

The stated objective of Injaz Factory is to support young project leaders within the framework of a program spread over 3 years, to create an average of 40 projects per year. In addition, 36 cooperatives of the social and solidarity economy which will be targeted at the level of all the regions of the country.




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