Energy efficiency: ADII and AMEE seal a partnership

The Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes (ADII) and the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE) concluded, Tuesday in Rabat, a framework partnership agreement to strengthen energy efficiency in the Customs Administration.

Signed by the Director General of ADAI, Nabyl Lakhdar and the Director General of AMEE, Saïd Mouline, this agreement, which is part of the exemplary nature of the administration in terms of energy efficiency and the green economy aims to put in place energy saving measures and awareness-raising and training actions on energy efficiency.

Under this agreement, the AMEE will support the ADAI in carrying out energy diagnostics and related recommendations for its buildings, in particular its central headquarters and its customs training institute in Benslimane.

The latter will also arbitrate training sessions on energy efficiency in buildings and transport, as well as awareness workshops for the benefit of the technical staff of ADII.

Speaking on this occasion, Nabyl Lakhdar affirmed that the objective of this partnership is to support the ADII in terms of strengthening its energy efficiency, and to identify the energy savings that can be applied in the different Administration buildings, to ensure compliance with energy efficiency rules.

The partnership also covers training for customs officers on energy efficiency and tax issues, he added, referring in particular to the introduction of a carbon tax. to encourage good behavior, in particular the “polluter pays” principle.

“It is a win-win partnership that allows administrations to be exemplary in terms of green economy and energy efficiency,” he said.

For his part, Saïd Mouline underlined that the Agency will support the buildings and the fleet of the ADII in terms of energy efficiency and will also ensure the training of Customs actors in their behavior, with a view to reducing the energy bill and greenhouse gas emissions of this administration.

Saïd Mouline further noted that through this partnership, ADII will become an ambassador of the green economy and energy efficiency, recalling, in this sense, that Morocco is cited as an example in the field of energy efficiency, thanks to the royal vision in this area and the national strategy for sustainable development.

The two organizations thus illustrate, through this partnership, their commitment to energy efficiency, through the implementation of measures aimed at reducing consumption and associated energy expenditure and anchoring the culture of green economy within Moroccan customs.



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