End of the academic cycle of preparatory training

End of the academic cycle of preparatory training

The academic cycle of preparatory training prior to the organization of the “African Lion 2023” cooperation exercise ended on Friday at the South Zone General Staff complex in Agadir.

The closing of these trainings was marked by a ceremony of delivery of attestations and certificates for the benefit of a hundred officers and non-commissioned officers, Moroccans and foreigners from partner countries.

In addition to the different fields and aspects related to the exercise, these trainings concerned “tactics, sustainment, fires, information, protection, intelligence, movements and maneuvers”.

The multinational joint exercise “African Lion”, which is in its 19th edition, (June 2-16, 2023) will take place in seven regions of Morocco, namely Agadir, Benguerir, Kénitra, Mahbès, Tiznit, Tifnit and Tantan.

This major event will see the participation of nearly 6,000 soldiers from some twenty African and international countries, including Morocco and the United States, as well as several observer countries.

Joint operations and manoeuvres, carried out jointly by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and partner countries, in various operational, land, airborne, air, maritime and CBRN decontamination (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) fields, essentially aim to develop interoperability and strengthen intervention capabilities within a multinational framework.

It should be noted that the “African Lion 2023” exercise remains an unmissable event which contributes to consolidating Moroccan-American military cooperation and to strengthening exchanges between the armed forces of different countries with a view to promoting security and stability in the region.


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