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“Encouraging results” from Anchovy-2 drilling

The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) reported Monday of “encouraging results” from the Anchovy-2 drilling.

“Following the encouraging results of geological and geophysical studies, it was decided to drill the well called Anchovy – 2, it is located 38 km off the city of Larache and 87 km from the city of Kenitra”, the Office said in a statement, noting that drilling began on December 17, 2021 to reach a final depth of 2,512 m on December 31.

The Office also specifies that the preliminary interpretation of the data confirms “The presence of an accumulation of gas at the level of the Anchovy well – 2” over a total net thickness of 100 m, spread over 6 zones, the thickness of which varies from 8 to 30 m for each.

Indeed, the offshore Lixus permits, located off Larache, were granted to ONHYM and to the British company Chariot Oil & Gas on 05/30/2019, underlines the same source.

Other more in-depth analyzes will be undertaken in order to refine the assessment of the gas potential discovered, underlines the Office.




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