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Emmanuel Macron’s popularity still on the decline

The popularity rating of French President Emmanuel Macron sank by six points in March compared to February, with only 28% of positive opinion, according to a poll relayed on Monday by French media.

This is the lowest level reached by the French president in this barometer since November 2018, at the very beginning of the yellow vests crisis, according to the survey by the BVA study and consultancy group, carried out in full protest against the reform. retirements.

Its Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, also lost two points in one month, with 28% of those polled saying they had a good opinion of her action, its lowest level since taking office at Matignon last May.

On the eve of a tenth day of mobilization against the very controversial pension reform throughout France, the barometer notes that more than the majority of those questioned think that this reform should not be implemented.

More than two thirds of respondents also say they are against the decline in the legal age of departure to 64, provided for by the text which is currently in the hands of the Constitutional Council.

Carried out on March 24 and 25, this survey was conducted among a sample of 1,000 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, according to the quota method, with a margin of error of between 1.4 and 3.1 points.



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