Electricians Without Borders donate 2 tonnes of electrical equipment to quake areas

Electricians Without Borders donate 2 tonnes of electrical equipment to quake areas

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit the region of Al-Haouz, which claimed the lives of thousands of people, the international organisation ‘Electricians Without Borders’ mobilized their electrical equipment to service the distressed community.

Since Saturday morning, the organization has taken urgent actions to help people affected by the earthquake and provide power supply to the areas that have witnessed power outages.

Electricians Without Borders promised to provide 2 tonnes of electrical equipment, including 12 pallets with 500 solar lamps and 12 generators.

The organization did also think of the condition of people in winter and for this reason, they announced that they were examining the proposals for access to light and heat for emergency shelters.

This initiative will allow earthquake-affected victims in Morocco to spend winter in better conditions.

Two Electricians Without Borders moved to the site to help Morocco Energy Leader in the mission of distributing more than 650 solar lighting kits in the remote villages nestled in the Atlas Mountains and difficult to reach.

On their Facebook page, Electricians Without Borders underscored that “In an emergency situation, quickly restoring electricity is essential, even vital for devastated people. Our support will be essential to intervene effectively to meet the assessed needs.

The organization is now working collaboratively with the team of Ali Lakrakbi, a specialist in electric cars and charging stations who is known for his commendable initiative in the wake of the earthquake, according to a post on Ali’s Facebook page.

While Electricians Without Borders is now working on providing people with batteries with solar panels to use inside the tents, Ali and his team are working on installing lights outside the tents.

Electricians Without Borders is an international NGO that has been advocating since its founding in 1986 for equality in access to electricity and water around the world.

The international organization focuses on economic and human development by using renewable energies.


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