Elcora, Mincape partner for sustainable manganese mining in support of Morocco’s EV battery market

Elcora, Mincape partner for sustainable manganese mining in support of Morocco’s EV battery market

Canadian mining company “Elcora Advanced Material Corporation” and Mincape SARL collaborate to establish manganese mining operations in Morocco and West Africa to support the growing demand for the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery market, according to an official statement.

The partnership combines Elcora’s expertise in battery metals, logistics, and global market access with Mincape’s knowledge in geology, research, sustainable resource development, and advanced mining technology.

“As the world transitions toward sustainable energy solutions and electric vehicles gain mainstream adoption, the demand for EV batteries has surged. Manganese plays a pivotal role in enhancing the energy storage capabilities and overall performance of these batteries, making it a crucial mineral in the clean energy revolution,” included the statement.

Troy Grant, CEO of Elcora, said, “Our partnership with Mincape is a significant milestone for Elcora, aligning our values and goals to support the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. We are excited to embark on this journey together.”

On his part, Hassan Bouzahzah, Manager of Mincape, commented, “Mincape is proud to join forces with Elcora in this exciting endeavor. Our combined expertise will ensure a reliable supply of high-quality manganese ore while upholding our commitment to responsible mining practices.”

The two companies formed a joint venture to identify and develop current and new manganese deposits in Morocco and West Africa.

The partnership is also envisioned to meet the growing demand for manganese in the EV battery market, “contributing to the production of cleaner and more efficient electric vehicles.”

The venture also seeks to benefit from advanced technology, global networks, and research and development efforts.

It also aims to promote local economic growth in the region, offering job opportunities and enhancing local skills development, while maintaining an ethical and transparent supply chain.


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