El Jadida: Six new historical monuments listed as national heritage

Six new historical monuments of El Jadida, including two parks, have been registered on the national heritage list, thus making it possible to preserve them, since no development or development can be carried out there without the authorization of the Ministry of Culture.

These are respectively the Hôtel des Postes, the Bank Al-Maghrib building, the Salle des fêtes (Saïd Afifi theatre), the Al Hansali Financial Service, the Beach Park and the Place Gallieni Garden, information listed on the last Official Bulletin, and confirmed by Abderrahmane Aaris, Provincial Director of Culture El Jadida-Sidi Bennour.

The classification of these new historical monuments, alongside other material and immaterial heritage which abounds in the province of El Jadida, “challenges us all to protect and enhance them, in the wake of the implementation of a new model culture centered on territorial development”, he added.

Built in 1914, the Hôtel de la Poste, where the city’s first post office was located, is a real architectural gem that deserves to be restored and saved. With its beautiful architecture crafted with stucco and false columns, capitals, cornices, acanthus leaves, half-moon balconies…

Its woodwork entirely in cherry wood and its beautiful facade make this beautiful work a building worthy of a heritage museum which the region sorely lacks.

As for the Al Hansali financial service, it is a building that houses the general treasury services of El Jadida. Its recognition as a historical monument, whose building with its walls and windows in continual decay, comes at the right time to attract the interest of the public authorities.

As for the village hall, or (Saïd Afifi theatre), which presents a fine example of colonial-style architecture in El Jadida, it was built in 1926. This 458-seat theater and around ten boxes s was transformed in 1930 into a municipal theater on an area of ​​800m². The building is currently undergoing development work which is in its final phase.

Concerning Banque Al Maghrib, it is the reflection of several decades of development of independent Morocco. It is an architectural work that harmoniously combines modernity and authenticity. Bank Al-Maghrib of El Jadida, is one of the other sites of the Kingdom which reflect today the evolution of the architectural history of Morocco.

As for the Jardin Gallieni, currently renamed “Place Abdelkrim Khettabi”, it is the first modern public garden in El Jadida. Before 1916, this place was only a vacant lot where brushwood abounded.

Parc Lyautey, commonly called “Parc de la Plage” and known today as Parc Mohammed V, was erected around 1930 on an area of ​​35,000 m2. Located between the beach and the seat of the municipality of the city, it is undoubtedly one of the most sumptuous in Morocco.

With numerous paths and a pergola, it is planted with various species, eucalyptus, palm trees and some very rare trees such as the dragon tree. The commemorative stele bearing the effigy of the late Mohammed V, which sat enthroned in its middle, gave it a particular attraction.

“We dare to hope that, like other monuments and historical sites in the Kingdom, those of El Jadida can finally benefit from the program of restoration and rehabilitation and enhancement on a continuous basis”, indicates Touriya Larissi, teacher retired.



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