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Eid Al Adha took place in good sanitary conditions

The National Food Safety Office (ONSSA), assured that Eid Al Adha 1443 (2022) took place in good sanitary conditions.

In a press release made public on Friday, ONSSA stresses that “the Aïd Al Adha 1443 (2022) action plan implemented by the Office under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries and Rural Development and Waters and Forests, as well as the mobilization of the veterinary services ensuring the permanence allowed the progress of Aïd Al Adha in good conditions”.

The involvement of various actors, in particular local authorities, consumer protection associations, professionals, butchers as well as veterinary doctors and technicians, contributed to the success of this action plan, the same source noted, noting that the measures established at the beginning of 2022 concerned the registration of breeding units and the identification of sheep and goats intended for Eid Al Adha and the installation, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, of 30 pilot markets to strengthen the marketing network for identified animals.

It also concerns the control of animals and animal feed, within the framework of the local joint commissions. Thus, 3,880 control trips were carried out, during which 1,240 meat samples and 600 animal feed samples were taken and analyzed.

The services of the Office also ensured a permanent presence during the Eid period, during which 460 doctors and veterinary technicians and 140 among the administrative staff were mobilized.

In addition, 4,640 carcasses were examined, 431 trips to households were made to accompany them and provide them with the necessary information on the quality of the carcasses.

ONSSA services also handled more than 1,900 telephone calls and carried out inspections at slaughterhouses and butchers.

Throughout the period of Eid Al Adha, the services of the Office closely followed its progress, favoring listening to citizens and a local approach through social networks, the call center and the mobilization of services. veterinarians.

ONSSA is a public institution, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests, created by Law No. 25-08 and endowed with legal personality and authority. ‘financial autonomy.

On behalf of the State, it exercises powers relating to the protection of consumer health and the preservation of animal and plant health.




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