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Egyptian thinker and philosopher Gaber Asfour is no longer

Egyptian critic and thinker Gaber Ahmed Asfour died on Friday at the age of 77 after a long battle with the disease.

Writer, researcher and academician, Gaber Asfour is the most famous critic of the Arab cultural scene today. For nearly half a century, the deceased practiced critical writing in various fields, ranging from poetry, novels to essays, in addition to his writings defending the thought of enlightenment.

He has also worked as a visiting professor in several Arab and foreign universities, in particular the University of Cairo and Stockholm in Sweden in addition to the American universities of Harvard and Wisconsin. The native of the city of Mahalla was also appointed Minister of Culture in his country in 2011 and then in 2014.

Gaber Asfour is part of a generation of great cultural figures, who have drawn Arab culture and criticism from the halls of the university providing people with a voice and a remarkable mediator to communicate with authority.

Asfour is considered as the legitimate heir of his professors in the field of criticism and thought, in particular, Taha Hussein and Souhir Kalmaoui.




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