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EFE-Morocco and the Citi Foundation at the service of youth employability

In a difficult economic and social environment, accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the employability of young people is at the heart of the concerns of the Citi Foundation and the Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFEMoroc) for the year 2022.

For the ninth consecutive year, the two foundations are thus renewing their partnership with an ambitious program and objectives. In a press release, EFE Morocco and the Citi Foundation indicate that more than 300 young people will benefit this year from support and assistance for the development of their skills with a view to better integration into the labor market.

Thanks to this partnership linking it to the Citi Foundation since 2013, EFE-Maroc has been able to support nearly 1,500 job seekers through training focused on the needs of the Moroccan labor market and leading to the integration of program graduates into promising sectors and professions.

We are happy that the Citi Foundation has renewed its confidence in us for 2022. This partnership takes on its full meaning today, because the question of accompanying and supporting young people for better employability is crucial if we want Morocco to succeed in meet the challenge of inclusive and sustainable post-Covid19 growth. Faced with this health and economic crisis, the job market in Morocco presents a new configuration which the private sector and job seekers must face. Statistics clearly show that young graduates are the most affected by the rise in the unemployment rate “Said Amine Berrada Sounni, president of EFEMoroc, quoted by the press release.

For his part, Taoufik Rabbaa, CEO of Citibank Maghreb, also quoted by the statement, said that “dYear after year, we consolidate this partnership and this exchange of expertise with EFE throughout the MENA region and in Morocco in particular. We are refining our strategic approach to young graduates in terms of training and employability. Thanks to the work carried out with our partners, we can aspire to better support the young people of our country, by offering them the necessary tools for their personal and professional development. “.

Based on a regional alliance between the Citi Foundation and the entire EFE network across the Middle East and North Africa, this partnership is part of the “ POWER: Providing Opportunities for Work and Empowering Resilience”, carried out as part of the initiative “ Pathways to Progress (The Ways of Progress).

Thus, the two partners indicate that the program ” POWER Project aims to train young people and women in particular, to adapt their skills to market needs, and seize opportunities for successful integration into the labor market.

On the occasion of the training certificate delivery ceremony, organized by EFE-Morocco on January 28, 2022, several beneficiaries of the program were able to testify to the contribution of such a program to their course.

Thanks to the support and guidance we were able to benefit from, I now have a job suited to my training and better visibility of my career development prospects. “, said Mohamed Harmouch, EFE-Morocco winner, quoted in the press release.




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