Dutch cargo ship rescues irregular migrants in Moroccan waters

Dutch cargo ship rescues irregular migrants in Moroccan waters

A Dutch cargo vessel, departing from Agadir in Moroccan waters, rescued two distressed boats in the early hours of the morning. 

On Tuesday at approximately 11:30 PM, the ship encountered a vessel carrying 43 individuals, facing imminent danger of sinking. Without hesitation, the crew decided to bring the entire group aboard the cargo vessel to ensure their safety. 

Today at 2:15 AM, another boat was spotted in Moroccan waters, this time carrying 35 people. Following the same rescue protocol, the crew  initiated a second rescue operation.

The ship’s captain had received prior instructions from Rabat to transport all migrants to Tantan. when the migrants realized they were being taken back to Morocco, tensions aboard the vessel escalated dramatically. 

Threats against the captain and crew, including the brandishing of knives and acts of extreme violence, led to a critical situation.

In response to the escalating crisis, the ship’s captain made the decision to change the vessel’s course. Instead of heading to Tantan as instructed, the ship changed its route and steered towards Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura. The vessel successfully arrived at its new destination earlier today.


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