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Dubai: Mehdi Bensaid highlights Morocco’s commitment to Arab culture:

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd, said on Sunday that Morocco has placed culture among the priorities of integrated development and is committed to the promotion of Arab cultural action. joint, during the 22nd session of the Conference of Ministers responsible for Cultural Affairs in the Arab World, organized in Dubai.

Speaking on this occasion, and in parallel with the first session of the Conference on the Arabic Language, the Minister recalled Morocco’s commitment, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, in the promotion of Arab cultural action, in particular in the framework of the League of Arab States but also at the level of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Sciences (ALECSO),

Mohamed Mehdi Bensaïd. recalled to this end, the Arab cultural plans and strategies, the implementation of the content of the Arab Decade for Cultural Rights 2018-2027 and the implementation of the recommendations issued by the conferences and seminars related to the fields of culture, arts and heritage.

The Minister referred to the cultural event “Oujda, capital of Arab culture for the year 2018”, and the importance of culture granted by Morocco which placed it in its Constitution in 2011, by formalizing linguistic plurality and cultural diversity of Moroccan identity.

Culture is also part of the new development model and, this sector is also included in the government program 2021-2026, in addition to its experience in the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage, and its strategy to preserve the cultural industry in times of pandemic.

In addition, Morocco submitted a request for the preparation of a common Arab dossier on “clay architecture”, as part of the roadmap for the next five years, adopted by ALECSO to prepare dossiers. Arab countries for the inclusion of intangible cultural heritage on the UNESCO list, recalled the minister.

This proposal was widely welcomed by Arab countries and working sessions were held remotely on it, under the tutelage of the Culture Department of ALECSO, he said.

It is in this spirit of union and sharing that the Emirati Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bint Mohamed Al Kaabi, made her speech.

“Our work and our joint efforts to achieve common goals must flow into a unified discourse, emphasizing the consecration of the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and acceptance of the other, and rejecting violence, marginalization and extremism, ”he said.

During this session, the ministers and delegations present will focus on examining the integrated plan for Arab culture, the means of unifying Arab efforts in the various fields of culture, including cooperation for the inscription of heritage. intangible with UNESCO.

They should also come back to the importance of promoting the Arabic language in the face of global challenges, and see what measures can be taken to preserve this language.




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