DSK exhausts Macron and his four big mistakes

DSK exhausts Macron and his four big mistakes

The former French Minister of Economy and Finance, Dominique Strauss-Kahn or DSK, delivers his pithy observation on the mistakes made by President Emmanuel Macron in terms of the pension reform project.

Entitled “The fifth error” (a nod to the 5th Republic), this message published on the RS by Dominique Strauss-Kahn and addressed to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, invites him to renew the dialogue with the bodies intermediaries and to abandon the pension reform in its current version to avoid making a big mistake.

“France is in a sad state. It is enough to read the foreign press to be convinced of it”, declares DSK, noting that for his part, he notes four main errors.

The first error of the President in office would have been, according to DSK, the “timing”, that is to say the choice of the badly chosen moment at the time of the economic crisis and the drop in purchasing power resulting from the inflation which hit harshly the less well-off part of the French population. ” If, as we learn from a recent survey, nearly half of the most modest French people have had to cut out one meal a day, then that is where the urgency lies “, underlines the former minister.

The second Macronian error would be the method. “ Today, it is not the retirement age that needs to be changed, it is the very design of the system. It is this systemic reform that in 2017 a candidate for the presidency of the Republic said, with good reason, that he wanted to undertake. But then he surreptitiously abandoned this path », explains the trained economist.

However, we must move away from a system based on the retirement age to build a system based on the contribution period. The cleaver age would then disappear. The contribution period would adjust slowly and steadily with changing funding needs “, analyzes DSK again.

He then blames the president a third error, strategic this time. France is not a country in which one can carry out a major social reform by referring solely to a political balance of power and neglecting the social balance of power. “.

And to add: No one will be able to say that we had not been warned. From his 2016 trial, our President, then a candidate, said how little confidence he had in the intermediary bodies… This purely political strategy was doomed to failure. Not that it would have been impossible to attract a few more LR deputies to have the project voted on in the Assembly, but because you cannot govern a country by imposing on it a reform that three-quarters of the citizens reject. “.

François Mitterrand had understood this well when, on July 14, 1984, although he had a majority in the Assembly, he announced the withdrawal of the bill aimed at integrating private schools into a Grand Public Service of National Education. even at the cost of the resignation, on the 17th, of Pierre Mauroy and Alain Savary “Says DSK.

Macron’s fourth mistake for Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the use of “forced passage of 49.3”, which announces a dark future in France.

Unless the Constitutional Council decides otherwise, the law risks, when it is published, relaunching the cycle of violence. It can be avoided by postponing this publication until a point of balance has been found with the social forces. Otherwise, tomorrow on the subject of pensions, the day after tomorrow on another, with the historical perspective of an increasingly brown political future “, assures DSK.


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