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Drugs, his wife, rape cases, the highlights of the first day of the trial

The first day of the trial for “aggravated rape” and “willful violence”, of successful singer Saad Lamjarred, was marked by revelations and new testimonies including that of his wife Ghita Allaki. The singer has maintained his position of refuting all charges against him.

Before the Paris Assize Court, the singer challenged the accusations of the alleged victim, Laura Prioul, a young French girl met in a nightclub, and who claims to have been raped twice and assaulted.

Saad Lamjarred’s wife testified in court, and he too with the help of an interpreter. Laura Prioul meanwhile, will testify on Tuesday for this trial which should last 5 days before the final verdict.

For the first time, the companion of the singer and his main support during this judicial film, spoke as the wife of the accused. Like her husband, she proclaims her innocence, painting the portrait of an affectionate and gentle man.

“He is a very loving person, very affectionate. As a woman he was always there to listen not only to me but also to his family, ”she said according to the transcripts of RMC Info journalist Marion Dubreuil, present at the trial.

“I am convinced that the person I know with whom I lived for a long time is not a person who could have committed the acts of which he is accused today,” she replied.

She claimed to know that her husband is “innocent”, saying she knew him. “I don’t know why this woman is accusing him of this, what I do know is that my husband has been living with it very badly for 7 years”.

What can you tell me about his relationships with women?, he was asked.
Regarding his relationships with women, Ghita Allaki replied that he has “always (been) a very respectful person” towards women. “He had girlfriends but I never heard or implied an X or Y problem with women, never disrespectful in front of me anyway,” she told the hearing.

According to RMC Info journalist Laura Prioul, who filed a complaint against Saad Lamjarred, burst into tears when she saw her alleged attacker and rapist arrive in the room.

For his part, Saad Lamjarred, who claims his innocence, explained that he was “born into a very respected family of artists”, and that he wanted, through his music, “to transmit positive values ​​to people, this in a spirit of great respect for women”.

This case gave him “great stress” and “depression”, he added, explaining that it caused him a lot of harm and his family.

It should be noted that the singer has been accused by several other women of the same abuse that the civil party accuses him of in this case, without these cases being publicized or brought to justice.

During this trial, the lawyers reminded him of another rape complaint dating from July 2018 in Saint Tropez, which was the subject of a judicial investigation, as well as a rape complaint filed by a young woman for acts dating back to 2015 in Morocco.

The young woman had to withdraw her complaint a month later under pressure from those around her. She was called to testify and under pressure from her family, she had to give up. This woman has tried to end her life since the events, recalled the lawyer for the civil party.

Saad Lamjarred was asked about a similar trial in the United States several years ago. The singer replied that he wanted to “focus on today’s case and only on this case”, while his lawyer indicated that the case “resulted in a dismissal”.

On his consumption of narcotics and alcohol, “no addiction, neither to alcohol nor to narcotics,” he said, explaining that he sometimes takes drugs to party. His wife Ghita confirmed that he sometimes takes drugs and always talks to her about it. “It depends on the entourage he is with in the evening,” she said.

The singer has success, assured that the essential theme of his songs remains love and relationships between couples. “I have always wanted to express a positive posture of women, through their dress, their presentation, their beauty, their elegance”, he declared even if in reality, many of his songs have been, to say the least, quite the opposite of what he says, like his greatest hits, “Ghaltana”, “Njibek Nijbek”, “Ana Machi Sahel”.



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