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Drones in support of the Gendarmerie for the tracking of traffickers

It is said that when it comes to the fight against drug trafficking, dealers are always one step ahead of law enforcement in order to thwart police control. And it is that in this little game, changing methods each time and arranging to be the first on any sophisticated means, the fight is tough for the police.

The traffickers to stay in the game, had come to the use of drones. This is more topical than ever, as evidenced by the narco-drone developed for the occasion in the north of the Kingdom. But it is to misunderstand our law enforcement who will no longer be told and will make sure to catch up and often in a masterful way. In Morocco, where the “uberization of the sale of drugs” both internally and externally, our police forces carry out, in any case, controls of another kind.

For the Royal Gendarmerie of Morocco, drug sellers who indeed use ” communications not always accessible to police services” will perish with the weapon used “bach kelti tmout”, through this drone which has never been more circumstances than today. Without really wishing to internationalize this phenomenon, our Royal Gendarmerie (GR) takes care to counter the control or rather the surveillance of drug trafficking, but not that, since illegal immigration is also in the crosshairs or the viewfinder, the GR uses in this respect this sophisticated means and precious tool that is the drone.

Indeed, the GR uses this weapon as part of an operation whose main objective is to encircle the mountainous areas to track down the many cannabis storage depots. Lately, thehe proliferation of cannabis storage depots in the suburbs between the city of Detroit, Tangier and Larache has prompted GR to use these drones to track down traffickers, but also illegal immigration networks. Through this operation, the GR also detected and by rebound the places where this cannabis plant is cultivated outside the legal framework.

To this end, more than 40 tons of cannabis were seized by the GR services in a depot in the municipality of Zâaroura. And with two birds with one stone they also managed to seize tons of cannabis stored by an elected official inside his house. The unfortunate representative of the local population found himself on the run which should not last long, the competent prosecutor’s office in Tangier has also issued a national arrest warrant against him.

In addition to these seizures of large quantities of cannabis, the gendarmes also arrested individuals claiming to obtain supplies from depots located in these outskirts and whose owners live in neighboring towns. This process of fighting against drug trafficking triggered by RG is good, especially if we know that it is not limited only to the trafficking of cannabis and its derivatives, but to many other more harmful drugs such as cocaine. To get an idea of ​​the real traffic, around 1,140 tons of cocaine have passed through West Africa since 2019. Or a market value of 57 billion euros.

That is to say, if drug trafficking continues to grow in West Africa, where 14.2 tonnes of cocaine are seized each year on average between 2019 and 2022. It is because for several years, the Kingdom has been the targets South American cartels who want to make Morocco a transit hub for “la blanche” towards the European market through “the routes of kif”. But that’s not counting without the flair of our police and gendarmes, who are trying to adapt more and more to their tricks, even the most unlikely ones. To this ubiquitous offensive of the Latin American cartels, a colossal source of corruption, sure that our anti-drug services keep an eye on the grain and are willingly active in thwarting and often successfully.



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