‘Don’t Touch My Child’ NGO gears up to present family code reform memorandum

‘Don’t Touch My Child’ NGO gears up to present family code reform memorandum

The “Don’t Touch My Child” association has formed a committee to craft a proposal memorandum for amending the Family Code, in preparation for a meeting with the ad-hoc government body responsible for the reform.

In an interview with MoroccoLatestNews English, Najat Anwar, the president of the association said that their “main areas of concern include reevaluating child marriage, redefining eligibility criteria, and revising articles related to divorce.”

“We are also committed to enhancing the reconciliation institution to effectively facilitate the reunion of spouses,” added the president.

The association said that an initial preparatory meeting took place on October 25, and was agreed upon the necessity of formulating preliminary proposals. These proposals will be custom-tailored to suit the specific requirements of Moroccan society, with a particular emphasis on the realities of childhood.

“These proposals should align with the legal and social landscape of Morocco, both public and private,” said the association in a statement. 

The association added that the Family Code serves as a cornerstone for safeguarding children’s rights by ensuring family support and giving priority to protecting children’s interests throughout the stages of family establishment. This approach is expected to strengthen the concepts of solidarity and support.

The association announced that the first official meeting of the committee’s representatives is set to take place on November 18.

During this meeting, the proposals will be discussed, and the final draft of the memorandum will be finalized. 

The association announced its plans to organize a national conference on the Family Code and child protection, where the proposal memorandum will be officially presented.

 “The association’s perspective on this reform is optimistic, as it benefits from the royal guidance of King Mohammed VI, under whose auspices this societal reform operates. We also appreciate the diverse input from civil, political, and human rights stakeholders who are contributing their proposals,” Anwar said.  

The review of the Family Code began on November 1, with the inaugural hearing held at the headquarters of the Kingdom Academy in Rabat, marking the start of the comprehensive review process.


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