Donation of a collection of 1,600 books by Philippe Gaillard

Donation of a collection of 1,600 books by Philippe Gaillard

At the headquarters of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM), a donation agreement for a batch of books that belonged to the late journalist-writer, Philippe Gaillard, for the benefit of the BNRM was signed this Friday by the director of the Library, Mohamed El Ferrane, and the widow of the late Philippe Gaillard, Tilly Gaillard.

Died in 2019, Philippe Gaillard was a prominent journalist, writer and historian who held several positions, including press adviser to Senegalese President Léopold Sédar Senghor, editor-in-chief of Jeune Afrique, adviser to Cameroon’s Minister of Information as well as founder and director of the Senegalese daily “Sun”.

Speaking on this occasion, Mohamed El Ferrane expressed his joy to initial ” this agreement for the donation of a batch of books, belonging to the late Philippe Gaillard, a great journalist, writer and historian, who made Africa a cause, the independence of the French colonies in Africa a mission, and Pan-Africanism a raison“.

In his speech, the director of the BNRM said he wanted ” pay a vibrant tribute to this great figure of letters and sciences for his defense of the universal values ​​of tolerance and dialogue between peoples, coexistence and living together “, on behalf of BNRM officials and users.

Also, Mohamed El Ferrane wanted to thank Mrs. Gaillard, widow of the seasoned journalist, “who kindly made this precious donation to the national library of the Kingdom of Morocco “and put the works of the deceased” at the service of the most learned”, as well as to the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, “who is personally committed so that this beautiful literary collection can return to the shelves of the BNRM”.

For her part, Tilly Gaillard, the widow of journalist-writer Philippe Gaillard said she was very happy to “be able to hand over to the BNRM the collection of more than 1600 books” of her late husband, including novels, history books, newspapers as well as other documents so that they can be beneficial to students and researchers wishing to deepen their knowledge in relation to several themes related to the colonial and post-colonial Africa.

The widow of journalist Tilly Gaillard presented, in her speech, the remarkable career of her husband as well as his many human qualities, thanking “from the bottom of the heart” all the stakeholders who contributed to the success of this event through their professionalism, meticulousness and support, during all stages of the transfer.

This collection constitutes a historical, informative and unique written resource.”, she noted, expressing her relief at the idea that the collection of her husband will be able to have a “second life” at the library.

As for Latifa Moftaqir, director of the book department at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, she expressed all the gratitude of the ministry to Ms. Gaillard for this “new arrival that will enrich the gluealready valuable contribution from the BNRM” and which will offer the public quality documentation, given the experience of the deceased.

For his part, and in his capacity as a friend of the late Philippe Gaillard, journalist Hamid Berrada wished to thank the Moroccan cultural authorities who were at the origin of this event as well as to Mrs Tilly, who ensured that that the books of the deceased be “still useful beyond his death”, indicating at the same time that the deceased is a “exceptional man” in view of his remarkable professional career.

The journalist also returned to the contribution of the late Philippe Gaillard to the development of several books including, “the Arab and the Jew”, for which the deceased organized a debate between Mr. Berrada and the journalist Guy Sitbon, emphasizing at the same time that the deceased managed to obtain an interview with Jacques Foccard, Advisor for African Affairs to President de Gaulle and several other presidents after him, for which Mr. Gaillard elaborated “three volumes of memoirs”.

In his speech, Driss El Yazami, President of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad and friend of the deceased, indicated that the works of the late Philippe Gaillard bear witness to the integrity and professionalism that characterize his career as a journalist.

Regarding the importance of this donation, El Yazami specified that the works of the deceased are invaluable testimonies retracing the “transition of independence, the emergence of the pan-African dream and this passage towards the African utopia”, which Moroccan students and researchers will be able to explore.


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