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Does France 24 want to fire Moroccan journalists?

The France media world group, which includes the France 24 news channel, should soon lay off journalists, including star presenters, we learn. Would Moroccan names be targeted?

Press reports have announced a wave of dismissals in the ranks of Moroccan journalists, well-known presenters, employees of the France 24 channel as well as within the Monte Carlo Doualiya radio station.

According to this information, 5 names are in the sights of the two media companies, two of which have already been summoned by management to be heard. No name has been revealed.

Informed sources contacted by MoroccoLatestNews confirmed that the media group was about to part ways with several of its employees but denied that this purge would only concern or target Moroccan employees.

Indeed, the management should part with so-called “ghost” employees and relieve a substantial payroll after a wave of massive recruitment in the past, indicate our sources who requested anonymity.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the France 24 channel, known for being close to the Elysée Palace and which strives to direct its subjects and its media treatment of information relating to Morocco, might want to get rid of the names of Moroccan journalists. or of Moroccan origin in the wake of the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and France, and include other nationalities to deceive them.

In the event that the general dismissal information is confirmed as the two sources affirm, it will be interesting to observe the quota of Moroccans possibly dismissed out of all employees of Moroccan nationality or foreign nationalities, within the companies of press concerned in order to be able to confirm or deny whether it was an anti-Moroccan “purge”.

Morocco and France are going through an episode of unprecedented diplomatic crisis which has put a damper on the once very friendly bilateral relations, which have become quite the opposite because of a French foreign policy hostile to Morocco’s interests.



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