DJ Black Coffee takes Agafay’s desert on a musical exploration

DJ Black Coffee takes Agafay’s desert on a musical exploration

At this surprise edition of the music festival Lost Nomads, which took place on Friday September first in Marrakech’s Agafay desert, the Grammy winning DJ Black Coffee played some of his most famous tracks to end the show after four great performances preceding him.

This edition, unique in many aspects as it came only three months after the last one, demonstrated that the event’s organizers took in every complaint submitted the last time and changed many things about the event.

The security was tight, ensuring that the lost nomads would enjoy their night to the fullest. 

Moroccan DJ Simon Jettou opened the venue, as the sun was setting, followed by Fiona Kraft who waited until the crowd gathered together to play some mixes on a few trendy songs mashed with classics.

Moroccan DJ FNX Omar, who’s talent has been applauded internationally then took over, playing his biggest mixes and taking Lost Nomad’s night to another dimension as the crowd danced along his entire set.

The iconic CAIIRO, whose songs the fans knew by heart, gave a performance for the books. The other DJs stood by him soaking in his great performance and mixing perfectly with the rest of the crowd. 

Before leaving the stage, he played by DJ Peggy Gou’s It Goes Like Nanana, creating a nostalgic feeling as the song was first played live during Lost Nomads’ last edition.

As the crowd screamed the big hit’s lyrics , he then played Allah Allah by DJ Pablo Fierro who was also present during the last edition.

Lastly, the legendary Black Coffee, taking part in Lost Nomads for a second time and getting familiar with Agafay’s crowd and desert, set the scene ablaze with his rich mixes and smooth transitions.

The award winning talent played his set calmly and with great focus as the crowd grew larger by the end of the night.

From collaborations he had with other artists to original songs, he reminded the crowd of why he’s one of the best DJs today. 

This edition knew the presence of several singers, actors, influencers, who all shared their experience on their socials as they await for the next edition. 


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