Disney’s Wish inspired by Iberian, Moroccan architecture and multiculturalism

Disney’s Wish inspired by Iberian, Moroccan architecture and multiculturalism

The essence of the Mediterranean region, the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco, served as the driving force behind the creative inspiration for Disney’s latest film Wish.”

In an interview with Europa Press, Juan Pablo Reyes, one of the film’s producers, elaborated on the influence behind the movie that is set to celebrate Disney’s 100-year milestone.

“The inspiration was that Mediterranean area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula. It can be seen in details such as architecture, where we have Moroccan or Mudejar or Roman architecture, which is what you really see in the south of Spain and in some other places like Morocco and North Africa,” said Reyes.

The narrative of “Wish” revolves around the Kingdom of Rosas, a fantastical realm where the king possesses the ability to fulfill wishes.

Reyes highlighted the deliberate multiculturalism within the film, explaining that the storyline necessitated a diverse cast to authentically represent the Kingdom’s international visitors.

He underscored that the choice was not arbitrary; it inherently intertwined with the film’s core premise, depicting a magical place where wishes transcend boundaries.

Reyes, originating from Mexico, stressed that the film’s multicultural nature wasn’t merely for spectacle but was integral to its storyline.

“This film required that the characters be multicultural because the premise is that the Kingdom of Rosas is a magical place where people from all over the world come because here your wishes can be magically granted,” he explained.

Wish will reportedly make its way to Disney+ in 2024.


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